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Design-Build Process

Initial Phone Meeting

Once we receive your information from the website form, someone from our design team will reach out to further discuss the project. This phone call will allow us to get more information about budget, goals, and timelines for the project. We will also provide you with initial information about our timelines, processes, etc. 

Initial Consultation

We want to hear from you! First and foremost, we know we’re coming into your home to create a space for you, and it’s important for us to understand exactly what end result you desire. This meeting allows us to come to your home and discuss your project at no cost to you. We’re able to analyze your space from a construction and design standpoint and point out elements of your project we think we’ll need to address. Following our visit, we’ll be able to provide you a rough estimated budget of what price range you can expect for your project. If everything sounds in line, we start designing your new space.


Time to turn your vision into reality. We’ll work to create plans from the vision you laid out for us and, if appropriate, present a few different approaches to consider. Once we finalize the design direction, we’ll create all necessary plans for construction. We’ll also provide a more detailed estimate based on the exact specifications for your project. During this process, we will work to ensure the project falls within your budget and can suggest design modifications to help achieve your budget goal. Once you approve the budget, we’ll move into the pre-construction process.


Let’s get to work! During pre-construction, we work with you to make all your selections. Selections include everything from finishes to lighting fixtures to plumbing trim to appliances – everything we need to make your design a reality. We’ll also pull any necessary permits. The most critical component of pre-construction is establishing a construction timeline. We’ll back into this date based on when we will receive all your selections, eliminating potential pauses during construction.

Construction Kick-Off

Big changes are coming your way! On the first day of construction, you can expect a project walkthrough where we’ll verify the scope of the project and outline the schedule. Before we start any construction, we will cover and protect areas of your home that adjoin the construction area. We won’t lie – demolition can get messy. The room barriers help to minimize dust and any accidental damage while establishing safe areas for your whole family, pets included, during construction.


You’ll start seeing changes immediately. We will always keep you informed of what work will be happening at your home and when. If any unforeseen complications arise, we’ll be sure you are part of the conversation to find a solution. You’ll notice we are having regular meetings on site, which we always welcome you to join. These meetings allow us to update our progress and conduct regular quality control inspections.

Change Orders

You start to see your new space come to life and realize you want to make a change – let's make it happen! Any changes to the original design scope once construction begins require a written change order. We don’t want you surprised by extra charges during billing, and we want to ensure we build what you want. Change orders may also be required due to hidden conditions or code requirements.

The Final Stages

Once we’re nearing construction completion, we’ll do a formal punch list walkthrough to identify any touch-ups or issues we need to address.

Job Cleanup

We work to keep as clean a job site as possible during construction by regularly removing trash and cleaning up after ourselves. Once construction is complete, your new space will be professionally cleaned.

Project Completion

It’s all yours! We want our clients to be 100% satisfied with their experience and final result. ReCreate offers a 1-year warranty from date of project completion, and we follow up after 3 months to make sure you’re happy with the service we offered.

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